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Queen Bea

Miss Honey Bea is the foundation of our program and is the reason we decided to breed French Bulldogs. Miss Bea was born January 16th, 2018, and had her first litter in April 2021, The Hunger Games Litter, then her second November 2021, The Cruella Litter. Her final litter is the Orphan Black Litter, born June 16th 2022. Bea is now officially retired and will live the rest of her life as the Queen of CRF.

Bea carries:

  • ee - Cream

  • ns - Piebald 

  • InIn - Double Intensity

No Brindle

OFA Certified for hips, heart, elbows, and trachea

CRF Princess Cinna 2.jpg

Princess Cordelia

Princess Cordelia Bellatrix (aka Cora Bell for short) is Miss Cinna's little half-sister from a different sire. Bea gave both of these pups her disposition. This little girl is the perfect mix of sassy and sweet, and like her sister, she reminds us of her mom on a daily bases, even Bea thinks so. Don't let her coat will fool you, from pictures she looks pure white, but this little girl is a Cream Pied.

She carries:

  • Ayat - Carries 1 copy Fawn/ 1 copy Tan

  • ee - Cream

  • SS - Piebald

  • Bb - Carries Testable Chocolate 

  • Coco - Carries cocoa

  • Dd - Carries Blue

  • InIn - Double Intensity 

No Brindle

OFAs will be done when she matures.


CRF Queen Bea picture.jpg

Princess Cinna

Little miss Cinna is the product of our first litter with Queen Bea. Cinna is a standard sable fawn, she is bound to make some beautiful standard babies with not only good conformation but an amazing temperament. Miss Cinnabon has just had her first heat, so look out for her babies in 2023!

She carries:

  • Eme - Masked, Carries Cream

  • Dd -  Carries Blue

  • ayay - Fawn

  • ns -  Carries Piebald

  • InIn - Double Intensity

No brindle

OFAs will be done soon.


Our Queen & Princesses

Interested in a pup from our royal ladies?

Click Newly Crowned to see our available puppies! Or email us to get on the list for updates and announcements on future litters! You don't want to miss out on these cuties!

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